Global Print Initiative

Our Mission

We put the versatile technology of 3D Printing into the hands of individuals, schools, organizations and businesses. GPI's main task is to get the hardware, software, and people skills needed for entrepreneurs, teachers, aid workers, missionaries, and interest groups inclined to help their neighbors, churches, schools, or communities achieve their goals

Technical Development

We are building a network of engineers, medical professionals, teachers, missionaries, and backyard enthusiasts. These teams have already developed a 3D printer platform that can hold up to the harshest of environments. We continue to build new strategies that overcome the inefficiencies of current technology by field testing and researching where 3D printing falls short. This translates to actionable information for manufacturers and home enthusiasts.

Equipment Clearing House

To further the reach of 3D printing we want to offer 3D printer manufacturers an outlet for legacy equipment and an opportunity to further great causes.

3D Printer Donations

Our main focus is to get the technology of 3D printing to places where it can do the most good. Clinics in areas of natural disasters that need replacement parts for medical equipment; war-torn areas helping children with upper limb deficiencies can find new hope and renewed confidence; and remote areas where we can aid in socioeconomic development and growth.

Empowerment Curriculum

We assist in the development of 3D printing curricula so that all who show interest in the technology can participate.

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